Sunday, January 01, 2006


Delhi was the place which my higher studies took me to after 21 years of Z-grade pampering at home. Even though i got an MBA seat at IIT wasn't good enough to bequeath the Gold plated Cross pen from my Uncle{which I had layed my eyes upon since Class XII}...since we had traded for an MBA from IIM or M.Tech from IIT.

Seat of Post Graduation

If one knew the magic words "It depends upon the situation/context/circumstance" and if one had good hands-on of MS-Excel Chart Wizard, one could solve even the toughest of business cases and impress one's Professor. Two years passed in a jiffy, before I could realise why MBAs are in such demand...and what an MBA is supposed to do in an Office. I spent four more years in Delhi after my MBA before getting transferred to Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

More of my hostel life, Delhi experiences in my future posts.