Thursday, December 29, 2005


Vanakkam! Welcome to my blog 'Kaipullai Calling...' which I have started today after feeling a need for a more personalised blog. I have been blogging now for the last three months via The Restless Gemini and I have sort of grown addicted to it, all the time thinking of what to do next, what topic to post on. I have deliberately kept that blog free of any particular is more of an information sharing blog...about things I have read, heard and email forwards that I received.

'Kaipullai Calling...' I guess would be more of a personal blog...where I feel, I would be able to unwind. I intend telling a little bit about me, the places I have been to, the people I have met, some of my articles and some of my experiences in a casual fashion. You can expect this blog to be in English, Tamil and of course Tanglish.

About my choice for the blog title...'Kaipullai' from the Tamil Movie 'Winner' is a character, which I enjoyed a great deal, next only after the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry. I believe there is a little bit of Kaipullai in many of us, who loves to show off and who doesn't mind getting beaten up black and blue for his mistakes. Expect my idiosyncrasies to show up on this blog.


Unknown said...

Aggaaaa neenga rombey Nallavan thaan