Saturday, December 31, 2005


College of Engineering, Guindy - Anna University is the best thing to have happened in my life. The mere thought of my Alma Mater brings pleasant memories to my mind, where I spent four(B.E.Civil 1995-99) of the most glorious years of my life. The innumerable hours spent under Bodhi Maram opposite BCB, group studies at the Cricket gallery, the 5 rupee lunch at DOTE Canteen, Chola Pooris and Kushboo Idlies at CEG Canteen on Friday Evenings, the numerous 'Repeats' I got at Physics Lab Expts, Final Year Tour - all are fresh in my memory and I get nostalgic thinking about it. Like many of my friends, I used to play only the slog overs when it came to Studies.

Apart from that, it has been the place where I got some of my close friends whom I can rely on and with whom Iam still in touch. I hope to post more about College life in the time to come.


Anonymous said...


Athu ennavo ellarukum college life thane marakka mudiyathu lifeinnu solluranga.....AAnna onnu mattum nichayam kandippa marakamudiyatha life irrukathu vathiyarungalukku....may be kandippa maraka vandiya lifethan irrukum.....ennna namala mathiri vathalum thothalum, eyamum, pithalyam velakki palichinu velliya annupurangalla....



கைப்புள்ள said...

வாங்க கில்லி,
தங்கள் வருகைக்கு மிக்க நன்றி.

//ennna namala mathiri vathalum thothalum, eyamum, pithalyam velakki palichinu velliya annupurangalla....//

உண்மை தாங்க...இவ்வளவு பாத்திரத்தையும் தேச்சு பளிச்சிட வெச்சாலும் நாம அவங்கள கால ஓட்டத்துல மறந்துடறோம்ங்கிறதும் உண்மை.